Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hot Plaid Summer

I just visited The Clothing Show in Toronto on Friday. It was wonderful! Really amazing gals, I'll be putting together a collage of all those artists soon. These are some fine people from Etsy again, I'm always looking for inspiration and I've found some really wonderful artists. Love Love Love! Wish I had some money.
1.) Upcycled Pink Jersey Pencil Case (By: Seaoats) I am loving everything in this shop right now, all re-used materials and eco-friendly water-based inks. Wow.
2.) Plaid Bow Headband (By: Giabowtique) Perfect with your favorite summer dress.
3.) Goo Goo Cat Keychain (By: Mochikaka) I'll take one of each of these adorable itty bitty detailed keychains.
4.) Large Pleated Shoulder Bag in Sunflower and (By: Bluecalla) I love this fabric, it makes me automatically think of summer. Wear with a white t-shirt.
5.) Coral Moths (By: HillaryBird) The prettiest moths I've ever seen! So sweet.
6.) Magenta & Yellow Bow Zipper Pouch (By: KatieGariepy) One of my new favorites, available in my shop at at Splash Panic. Bright and cheery!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Goo Goo Cat Keychain :)

    ♥ Your Owl Pouches are so cute ♥

  2. Oh it was no problem, I am in love with your adorable keychains :)