Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Piece Of My World: Bedside Table

My housemate and I moved into a new apartment in May and are still getting the place set up to our liking. For me it is an ever changing thing, I love to create small spaces in my apartment that are perfected and make me happy. This is one of them, my bedside table.

Having things within access and creating a lovely visual is something I love about this small spot in my room. I have an antique side table from my grandparents who passed, I then repainted it this amazing bright blue and added knobs from Anthropologie.

Most of the pieces of this table are thrifted or precious. The glass bottle was thrifted and it has printed teal flowers, I hold random makeup and beauty supplies that aren't necessarily needed all the time. I also put some fake flowers and real branches (from a halloween costume!). The trinket box was also thrifted, I have no idea what its real use is but it works great to hold my passport, Molami headphones, and my Nintendo 3DS.

The small ceramic plate is from an asian store in Toronto. Unfortunately it has a chip in it (which I think adds to the character) but is one of my favorite pieces on this table, with small bunnies jumping around. I keep my daily jewelry on this plate, easy to pick up and go. Next to it, my current favorite nail polish color by Essie and a small OPI top coat. My current scent is Elizabeth & James Nirvana in black, in love with it, and the rollerball I often throw in my purse for a refresh throughout my day.

More bits of my world to come, I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In The Studio...

These days lately have been non-stop. It's work, then a break, then some work, then business, maybe go out for a drink/meal, sleep, do it all over again. I am in no way complaining, I like to get the most out of every day and feel fully accomplished before going to bed. Thinking of all the things I checked off the list is a nice feeling.
I have been busy in the studio getting many things finished up, here are some photos from me playing around and some of the new products!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Featured Etsy Shop: Lux Divine

As a small business owner, I love to shine the light on other artists doing the same as I. We put a lot of time and effort into these stores and it really shows in Lux Divine's shop. Lux Divine is a bohemian collective, each piece is perfected and gorgeous. Here's a bit taken from Jessica of Lux Divine's profile:
"I began designing jewelry when I was in high school. I have always known that making jewelry is what I was meant to do with my life. I taught myself how to do wire wrapping and beading and also attended the Gemological Institute of America where I became certified in Gemology and Diamond Grading, Casting, Mold-making, design, CAD/CAM, wax carving and learned many other skills.

Gems are my real passion. I love mixing colors and making new combinations. I am so fascinated on how gems and minerals grow. It takes a lot of work for Mother Nature! I am obsessed with Gold but silver is a close second. I am mostly inspired by nature, the colors, the smells and even the sound of the ocean inspires me. People inspire me as well. I love designing when I have my family or friends around because I love getting opinions and feedback and usually the project turns out better when everyone I love is helping out:) My family is so supportive of my life purpose and motivate me to bring out my creativity in a way that can make any woman feel beautiful. I am truly blessed!"

Check out Lux Divine on Etsy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspiration: Miley Cyrus's "Miley" by Quentin Jones

Cannot say I have ever been a huge fan of Miley, but this video is actually something I really enjoyed. Miley seems to take her clothes off for any occasion, this one is a video in which she wraps her self in ribbons and ink. This video is worth a watch - if anything, for artistic inspiration. I am also loving the backing track, I did a little searching and found it on Soundcloud!
Here are some of my favorite parts as well...

Next post coming... BONNAROO! I have so much to talk about for one of my favorite yearly festivals. This year outshining last, truly amazing and still living in the roo-haze.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Outfit Post: Don't Go

I like to call this look the "Fancy Pajama". I have worn this on several occasions and I feel very me in it. This outfit is the most comfortable and still looks (sort of) like a normal everyday outfit.

Features a grey knit jersey top by Free People, wide leg pants by Sanctuary, wedge boots by Deena & Ozzy, and an awesome jeweled necklace I found on eBay.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Weeks Gatherings

It's been so lovely to be able to just sit at my computer and browse the internet. I have been so none-stop-action for the past month and a half. So I gathered a bunch of wonderful things I found on some of my favorite blogs!

Blogger's block happens to us all, I know at times I feel lost and just don't have the inspiration. Gala Darling has posted a list of 50 ideas to get rid of blogger's block.

I love sunglasses, they're one of my favorite accessories and can completely change a look while keeping your eyes relaxed. These two-tone sunglasses are going to be a huge trend this spring/summer.

Inspiring and sweet post about living in Paris. Which happens to be one of my most common day dreams. A Room With A View gives a little insight to Parisian living.

The idea of a Donut Party got me oh so excited. Also I'm a huge sprinkle addicted and I just love all sweets. Mimosas to pair with please!

An extremely visually pleasing tumblr..

This pastel faux leather moto jacket is to die for. Zara hits the nail on the head with this one.

Enjoy your easter all :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Inspiration: Re-awaken in White

White is one of the big colors for this spring... or lack thereof! I love the idea of an all white outfit, it slightly terrifies me because I'm a klutz of sorts.
There's just something about all white that is so pure, and especially on darker skin tones, I am oh so jealous of the way it pops. This reminds me of how I must sunbathe this summer because I'm like a little ghost from this terrible winter we had.
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