Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Terrarium Making

Al is off getting me a redbull, I'm quite tired from my busy busy day. I made this fantastic terrarium with african violets and plastic mushrooms. They are so easy to make it is crazy, also very inexpensive for the materials. I'm going to have to find some more awesome plants & jars and make more terrariums! Please pardon the iPhone photo with too much contrast, I will take better photos later :)
Perhaps I'll post a tutorial too ;)

Erin Fetherson's new line, and yes, all of it is this adorable.I'd love to relax in this poppy field right about now... how about you?!


  1. I would!
    Love the terrarium and would LOVE to read a tutorial. Very pretty!

  2. Thanks! I will defiantly be making more so the next one I make I will make a tutorial at the same time :)