Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspired By APAK

This collection of finds is inspired by the art of APAK. Here's a little bit about this artist duo.

Aaron and Ayumi Kajikawa Piland are two physically separate beings who are united in art as APAK. They met in a distant dimension and traveled to Earth together in a magic imagination machine. Using their art, they have learned to exchange energy with beings throughout the universe. From their secret sky cabin, they are sending out their signal hopes of contacting other creative life forms.

Check out their etsy shop and website for more info and beautiful whimsical art from another world.

1.) Semi-Formal by Elva Fields, Fine handmade jewelry made with vintage materials, that flower piece was a pair of earrings! 2.) Handmade Turquoise Flats by SMARTFISH, These are the sweetest flats for a romp in the trees. 3.) Blue Bird Hobo by Retrofied, Made from gorgeous japanese fabric, this tote would be perfect for a trip into the forest for tea with the birds. 4.) Underwater Lady Purse via Spectaclealamaison, Made from upholstery remnants, this adorable wallet will keep all your cards and cash safe. 5.) Joyride T-shirt by APAK, Take a ride through the park in this sweet tee, get a matching one for your biking buddy!

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