Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don't Put The Neon Away Yet...

Silence via Flickr

This is a trend I adore. I created an entire collection based around neon colors for this past spring and summer. You would think that the neon trend would be gone by the end of summer.. it's surprisingly still here.
I love it incorporated in small bits, how perfect! Just a little dab of neon to keep away the dooming winter weather that is approaching. For autumn, stick to just accessories in neon. You can even layer a neon piece, but don't go for the full neon outfit.
For this post I picked small trendy pieces, some are on the pricer side, some are affordable! These pieces are ready to be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe without having to change a thing.
To be truthful, I honestly have this thing with wearing black. So trying out the neons has been a blast. It is very different from my style but still stays true to me. I'm wild and I love this splash of color you can put into your everyday outfit. So keep summer going in your wardrobe and keep the neon pieces out of storage!

Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Key Pouch via Shopbop

Drip Bracelet via Elephant Heart
Neon Clutch Fold Over via Etsy
Neon Rhinestone Necklace via ASOS

Electric Jelly Bag via Nasty Gal
Cooe Large Nut Cuff via Moda Operandi

Neon Yellow Lita via Nasty Gal

Neon Spike Through Ring via ASOS

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