Friday, September 13, 2013

For The Weekend: Link Round Up

Let's get this weekend started! I am beyond ready for a little relaxing time with the boyfriend and the cat. What are your plans for the weekend? It has suddenly gotten much colder here so I'm really looking forward to curling up in blankets and watching the new episode of project runway while sipping some tea. Here are some fun things I found this week and worthy of checking out before I sign off for the weekend!


1. This editorial is like a creamy pastel tray of sweets. Life is Sweet via Mode.Newslicious

2. J Crew always puts on a great showing... Spring/Summer 2014 is no different. Via

3. FaceHunter does it again at Fashion Week. This is a great post and I am in love with these cool cats style. via FaceHunter


4. I absolutely need to make this storage box... I love being able to organize all my items and this is just the perfect thing for that. Also this is a no sew project, or very little sewing at least! Via Design and Form

5. This tote bag is made from an old leather jacket. What!? I personally do not own any old leather jackets (mine are all of the polyurethane assortment) but this would be a great DIY for a trip to the thrift store. Which I may have to do now that I've seen this. Via My Poppet

6. You know I just can't get enough of bags. So here's another! Whip up this sweet simple drawstring bag out of some fabric you know you've been collecting just because it's cute! Via The Purl Bee

Have a good weekend everyone!

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