Thursday, October 10, 2013

MBBFW: The Boutique Show at Delaware Mansion

Highlights via Instagram from the Boutique show...

1. Blush Boutique 2. Modern Nostalgia 3. Blush Boutique

The Boutique show was held at The Delaware Mansion on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY. The show featured boutiques from Elmwood and Hertel Avenue here in the city. Modern Nostalgia, Blue Collar Buffalo, Ms Eye Candy, and Blush Boutique showed their collections and what they currently have to offer.
Modern Nostalgia was everything fall. Sweaters, coats and jeans, adorned the top-knotted models. Casual and chic, everything could easily be worn right off the runway. Blue Collar (Modern Nostalgia's Sister or rather Brother store) featured menswear at its finest. Again, these men were ready to go in their autumn apparel.
Ms Eye Candy featured what I like to call club wear. No I don't mean Chippewa thank you, while you could get away with it there, this was more refined while still ultra sexy. The girls rocked everything from a gold lame top to a studded-out bra. Sexy style at it's finest.
Lastly, Blush Boutique, the newest shop to our city, hit the runway with versatile outfits from day to night, or night to day (insert cheeky wink). I recently went to the grand opening of Blush and fell in love with how easy to wear everything was. Again, I could see myself walking away wearing at least 3/4 of those outfits. The girls were styled with sunglasses, when they hit the end of the runway they gave a quick peek of their eyes and slid their glasses back up as they turned away.
I really enjoyed this show, as it was nice to see very obtainable items walking the runway. It also enlightened me, and I'm sure others, to see what these boutiques have to offer! Don't forget to check them out online as well or stop by the boutiques.

Modern Nostalgia                    Blue Collar Buffalo

Ms Eye Candy                       Blush Boutique

Buffalo Fashion Week

All photos are by Katie Gariepy

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