Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Day: Bracelets, Bags, and More

Set aside a day to try out something new! These DIY tutorials show you step by step how to make some really cool things. I absolutely need to try enameling now!

1. DIY Printed Jeans - Take a pair of plain jeans and make them on-trend! This seems super easy and could be awesome in so many different colors.

2. Trendy Bee Enamel Cuff - I haven't seen enameling tutorials in the mainstream, but look how simple it can be! I just love the bee too, so sweet.

3. DIY Leather Camera Strap - If you're a photographer or have a photographer friend, this is a really perfect day project.

4. DIY Gold Dipped Feathers - The creator hung this on their christmas tree but I think these could be year round decorations for your home. In love with this style.

5. Worsted Twist Seed Scarf Pattern - It's still freezing here, this scarf is a must have must make now!

6. DIY Wax Paper Backdrop - What a cute idea for a photoshoot backdrop! I actually love this as home decor even.

7. DIY Party Top - Take an old top, & make it better! Sorry I had to.

8. Cut Out Boots DIY - So on point, I've been seeing the cut-out booties everywhere. This also looks not terribly hard, just a little more time consuming than the other projects.

Enjoy guys! Try making something new this week. -K

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