Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Weeks Gatherings

It's been so lovely to be able to just sit at my computer and browse the internet. I have been so none-stop-action for the past month and a half. So I gathered a bunch of wonderful things I found on some of my favorite blogs!

Blogger's block happens to us all, I know at times I feel lost and just don't have the inspiration. Gala Darling has posted a list of 50 ideas to get rid of blogger's block.

I love sunglasses, they're one of my favorite accessories and can completely change a look while keeping your eyes relaxed. These two-tone sunglasses are going to be a huge trend this spring/summer.

Inspiring and sweet post about living in Paris. Which happens to be one of my most common day dreams. A Room With A View gives a little insight to Parisian living.

The idea of a Donut Party got me oh so excited. Also I'm a huge sprinkle addicted and I just love all sweets. Mimosas to pair with please!

An extremely visually pleasing tumblr..

This pastel faux leather moto jacket is to die for. Zara hits the nail on the head with this one.

Enjoy your easter all :)

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