Monday, August 25, 2014

Fresh Monday Feeling

Recent Photos Via my Instagram @katiegariepy

Life just keeps getting oh-so busy and I feel like I am in a constant struggle to get things out of my head. Blogging is a little release for me, and helps me clear my mind so I can fill it with all new things. Here are some things I have stumbled upon this past week, am really into right now, or just found and had to share with the world.

5 Truths The Fast Fashion Industry Doesn't Want You To Know... Just a couple more reasons to shop local and second-hand. Via Huffington Post

James Blake has a new track and I'm curious to here more where this is going... a little different from the last release from him. Via Pigeons & Planes

Here's a write up about my business KatieGariepy by Primary Fashion Music Management! Love their style and this pretty much exemplifies who I am. Via Primary Fashion Music Management

Skillshare... guys if you aren't on this site you really must be. I having been really curious to learn how to code and honestly, for $9.95 a month (with unlimited classes) I will be doing MUCH more than just learning how to code. Click here to join and your first month is free, which was the deal breaker for me! Also the classes I am currently enrolled in are: Build an HTML & CSS Website From Scratch by: Jonathan Grover and A Staple of Branding by: Jeff Staple.

I'm in love with No Fun Press! On my list of things to purchase from them first are 1.) Poop Emjoi Pin 2.) No Fun Beanie 3.) Bitch I Might Be Patch. Also these guys are from Toronto, so we're basically neighbors. Via No Fun Press

Little Dragon, whom I saw live at Bonnaroo this year, covered Andre 3000 + Kelis's track "Millionaire". Not only are they are amazing live, this video shows just that, they can preform so effortlessly. Via YouTube

Don't forget to contribute to my KivaZip loan! It is greatly appreciated and I can't wait to get my business that much better!

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