Tuesday, June 1, 2010


1.) Strawberry cupcakes I made for Al's birthday. 2.) Nibbler laying on my shorts under some covers 3.) Cherry cheesecake from Al's parent's house.
All photographs by me, Katie Gariepy.

I am loving the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone. It was really inexpensive and takes some really neat photos. I love the effects it gives!
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday, I just started my summer classes this morning and so far so good. Really excited to get this over and done with :)


  1. I am obsessed with the app! Have you entered any into their contests? if you're on the upload screen, click the badge and it will take you there.

    I entered this: http://community.hipstamatic.com/submissions/10291

    it only gives you 5 days to vote, though!

  2. Yeah I entered but I was confused at the voting! I saw you could only tweet to vote, hmm!