Thursday, May 27, 2010

sail away...

Who wants to join me on a boat, we can drift out to sea.
1.) Skipper Bikini Bottom $54 (by: FablesbyBarrie)
2.) Nautical Charm Bracelet $28 (by: OliviaClare)
3.) Know Your Ropes Bangle $ (by: Kate Spade)
4.) Sailor Sweetie Tattoo Hairpins $8 (by: Glamasaurus)
5.) Little Toy Boat Necklace $92 (by: YellowGoat)
6.) Sailor Tote Bag $33 (by: Bayanhippo)
7.) Anchor Print Scarf Wrap Shawl $21 (by: PrettyRaccoon)


  1. I really love these picks. Thank you so much for including me. I would totally wear that bikini!

  2. No problem! I know aren't they all precious :)

  3. Wonderful picks! Thank you very much for featuring my work!! :o)