Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Lust: Want need must have.

Here are all the things I want! I'm a needy girl.

I would so rock these.... via Anthropologie

Apparently my mother has this book and I do not? I'll just have to steal it, sorry mom, I'm sure you're reading this too. via Amazon

Yes now please gimme omg nom!
Rainbow Keyboard Sticker Decals For MacBook

Dear Donna Wilson, I feel like my life is incomplete with out this blanket. It's summer, and hot, but I totally need this, asap. Thanks, Love, Katie. via Donna Wilson
Oh and PS, I need this too. I am in love. via Donna Wilson


  1. Those espadrilles are so so cute! I <3!
    The mac rainbow keyboard decals- freaking awesome!

  2. Nothing bad to say about antropologie!
    Lurrrve it as well~

  3. I know. My next paycheck, those decals are mine!!!!
    The shoes on the other and, I'll have to save up for a couple months :P

  4. i love the shoes and the rainbow sticker decals are adorable! :D

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