Friday, July 2, 2010

life stuff!

oh hai thur.

The etsy shop is on vaca mode. All the items are on their way to Splash Panic! Hoorah! Super excited to move out all my stock, and start sewing/creating on all the new stuff I have in the works. Hint one: my hands are covered in paint from one of the products... hehe!

I'm off of work for a week, don't really know or care why, so I can get everything done, yes!!! Also, have to pack all my stuff up. I have so much, whenever I pack I realize.... I just own so many things and cannot get rid of any of it!

I have had this terrible craving for shopping, I just want and need to shop. Being poor blows! Oh and now that I'm being so ADD with this post I might as well throw in I'm thinking of opening an e-commerce shop.... and it's going to be all sorts of indie artists and yum yum fun! I have decided it will be like owning my own brick and morter.... only online. However I will set up fun shop days in my house.... Al is going to love this hahah. I really want to sell my goods, vintage finds, and other artists! I'm thinking this is a grand idea, now I just need a stellar name. Oh.. stellar.... hmm...

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