Monday, July 26, 2010

Do It Yourself: Tutorial Round Up

Here are some fantastic tutorials that I will defiantly be trying out!
Floating Vase- I need this for either the bedroom or kitchen, such a lovely idea.

One Hour Bag- Simple, sweet, great for the beginning sewer! You'll be a pro in no time!

Zippered Dopp Kit: Another gem from The Purl Bee. I may have put this on the MAKE NOW's really quite adorable.
Make Your Own Damn Bras: What! Crazy. Tempting.

Ruffle Rose Tank Top: I'm sure I've got a bunch of tops in my closet that should use this sweet re-do.
Halligan's American Travel Map: If only I traveled more! This would be perfect.

Studded Ballet Slippers: Bad-ass elegance... hell yeah.

And some links for this grand 'ol Monday-

The Secret To Selling On Etsy - I really like what she has to say, I am defiantly taking this advice and going to work on my selling through her tips.
Make Fabric Labels- I've been making some myself but they don't look nearly this great.
General Store Sweets Table- You need to see this, absolutely wonderful. Every detail, so well done!
Anthropologie Inspired- Yeah... I need that necklace/I'm going to make that necklace.
Super Mario World Paintings- People need to keep making more video game inspired art.... I just can't get enough of it!
Craft Room Inspiration- Always looking for new inspiring room ideas, this is a nice lot of them.
Needle Felted Pear- Perfection in needle felting.

& Some new favorite blogs-
Cupcakes & Cashmere- I want her life?!
NotCot- A TON of goodies to browse through, I went back and back into their previous posts for awhile there!
Cafe Fernando- The most recent post sent me over the moon. I am now going to make that Chocolate Mousse... I showed Al and he wants it too!

I think that is enough eye candy for the day, now that I have significantly cut down the number of tabs on my browser!

NEXT BLOG POST: Al's loving parents made me a stellar shelf based off of a photo I posted here! Photos coming once it's all moved in and filled with my junk!


  1. Weeeee! Thanks for featuring my tute :) xx

  2. Awesome links! I love the floating vase and the travel map- very cool :)

  3. Thanks! I am hoping to accumulate some more links for another round up next week ;)