Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Cooking: Recipe Round Up

I have a huge sweet tooth.... here are some delicious looking goodies.

Cinnamon Swirl Buns- Can I just say... all from scratch equals the best cinnamon rolls on the earth. I miss when my mother used to make these babies.

Desperately Seeking Macaroons- These are gorgeous, they are just too pretty I wouldn't want to eat them! But I bet they taste just as delicious as they look.

Polka Dot Cookies- Simple sugar cookies made adorable. With all the cute color options of M&M's out these days, these are perfect! via Donna Hay.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe- WOW. This is really at the top of the cooking list.... serious mousse. via Cafe Fernando.

And here I am eating a banana when I could be enjoying some of these yums! I have a busy day ahead of me, everyone have a good Tuesday!

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