Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodbye Martin & Osa

So I just found out Martin & Osa is closing. Bummer! So everything on the site is 50% off, wow. And of course, since I just got paid.... I bought this adorable cardigan. Me and my cardis.... sigh. I need a new one, the one I'm wearing right now has a hole in the shoulder for goodness sakes! I'm sure this is a good replacement, super adorable, wicked cheap, and good for every season. Take up the opportunity now to get a new wardrobe super cheap!

The big move is in 3 days! Al and I are so excited, we just can't wait to move in and make this apartment our own. So, here's some more house & room inspiration.I love the organized clutter, I need to work on that.

Gorgeous room, I love the giant mirror, I am going to get a big mirror for our apartment to make it look bigger. It really gives that illusion of more space.

Our kitchen is quite petite like this, I really like the flowers on top of the stove, such a lovely idea.

Lovely storage of dishes and mugs... I'm thinking about getting a nice hutch from Amvet's and sprucing it up. I also love the small dining table, we need a tiny one for our apartment and that size is perfect.

Am in love with the color scheme, yum. This is from Design*Sponge too and they have a DIY for the pillow shams, sweet!

You know how I was talking about a hutch above? Okay well this is what I want to do. I'm going to search Amvet's for a sweet one like this and put wallpaper in it, yay!

I've always wanted a spiral staircase.. this is just a lovely picture, I don't even have two floors in my new apartment haha!

All sweet, love the entire room.


  1. Every time I buy a cardigan I think, "Okay, this is my last one." It never works. Love your home inspiration.

  2. Welcome to my world! & Thank you :)