Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today was my day off, no work, no class, just pure relaxation. I have been packing all of my stuff up for the big move Wednesday! So excited! It's nice to pack everything up because at the same time I am organizing, it's quite nice really. I've been watching the Harry Potter marathon while packing, really wonderful I might add. And of course, neglecting all of the homework I have to do, ugh. Oh and eating strawberries.
Here are some lovely finds for you to browse :)

Lovely Applique Cardigan Tutorial. Um hello! Genius! I am so doing this with my squid fabric. Let me just buy a cheapy cute cardi from Target!

The Princess & The Pea Inspired Wedding Shoot. Let me sit atop that and kiss my boy. Absolutely precious.

Project: Printed Envelopes. Lovely! I am so making these asap.

Divine Twine. These colors are indeed divine. I will be buying one of these lovely spools next pay check.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend! Enjoy the summer sun, custard cones, and what I am currently hating... peeling burnt summer skin. Gross!

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