Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Funday

My day started off with coffee & knitting. Really wonderful and relaxing. Then I proceeded to sew a bit and dance around to remixes.

Good morning world :)
At my sister's apartment. This is sitting on top of her window, so cute. I hopped on over there to go pick her up and go to estate sales. Ended up waiting a bit but took this cute photo!
The first estate sale we went to was this adorable brick mansion. Gorgeous wallpaper & floor in the main room, I had to take a photo. They had a lot of really interesting things. I bought a sweet vintage leather satchel purse for $5, some vintage gift tags $2, and this adorable record for $1 that I'm going to frame at some point.
Pardon my thumb in the side of the photo. I'm in love with the record cover. It's from 1925 so it has that old illustration feel that I adore.

I wanted this chair so bad. I couldn't justify $95 for the darling though. Being a poor college student sucks sometimes.I just loved the way this suitcase looked. Especially since they left their tags on it too. There were a ton of suitcases like this will the tags on them still. Really interesting. These people must have traveled a lot.Took one last picture before leaving the estate sale. Really loved the house, really interesting stuff they had!This is from the 2nd estate sale. It was an antique shop, Asset's Antiques on Elmwood ave. Really wonderful stuff, SO pricey though. I ended up getting to large pieces of black lace, really intricate detail, gorgeous, cannot wait to turn it into something! These vintage Kewpie dolls weren't in the greatest condition but they were selling for over $100. Wowzah.
Ended my day at Border's with Al. Drinking coffee (again!) and reading magazines (view Elle UK above, Alexa Chung <3). I was really shocked to find out that the Border's that I went to does not have a fashion book section. I mean. Really. I searched the entire store, I was quite surprised to find nothing. Sad sad world.

All photos by me, I used Hipstamatic for the iPhone, one of my fave apps!

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