Monday, August 20, 2012


Paris was beautiful, romantic (if you have the money... Haha!) and just as I thought it would be. We stayed with our friend Nicolas who stayed with us in buffalo. Just for a night, but him and his girlfriend took us out and we enjoyed some real Paris nightlife.
The following days we spent with another host Tiphane. Lovely girl, my age, and well traveled. She had a lot to say about Paris and took us to places we would not have found ourselves. Her apartment also had a stunning view of the city and really made our time there special.
We also took a day trip to Versailles, gorgeous of course. We brought a lunch of baguette sandwiches and ended up taking a nap in the grass.
It wasn't terribly hard to leave Paris, because we will be returning in September to stay with our friend Edward. Hooray! Our journeys continue and next we travelled to Spain...

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