Monday, August 20, 2012


After complications on our way into Spain (traveling through france is a bitch.) we finally made our way into Valencia. We rented a room in the Erasmus flat from Gabriel and we were very lucky to make some great friends.
The only issue we encountered was the sunburns both John and I got. His far worse than mine. But it did keep us away from the beach for a couple days. We ended up meeting a couple from Washington, a couple from Switzerland, two girls from Germany, a girl Marie and her rowdy group of friends from Germany, and a bunch of locals. Our host took Marie, John and I out for the real paella experience. It was delicious though I wasn't crazy about the seafood one... Everyone else loved it! I guess I'm just not a seafood girl. We then went to a beach with an abandoned hotel. And then out for horchata, we chose horchata with ice cream. Serious yum! A week in Valencia flew by but it was a really wonderful experience. Also food was SO inexpensive in Spain, however not of the best quality. Though I did buy bottles of wine for one euro... Which was insane. We met so many people from different areas and it was a great time to share our experiences.

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