Monday, September 24, 2012

Bologna, Pula Croatia, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

We've had a lack of Internet and have been so busy traveling! We have about 10 days left here in Europe and I can't believe how time flies. I didn't get many photos in any of these spots since my phone has been off.
Bologna was beautiful, a real little treasure I would say... We stayed there for awhile and our host was such a nice guy. It was mostly a relaxing time before we headed off to Pula, Croatia for the Outlook festival. I don't have any photos from that since we were camping but John has plenty that I need to nab from him!
After a weekend of raging hard at outlook we headed to Brussels and ate belgian waffles and kebab galore.
Then to Amsterdam which I'm sure you can assume what we did there. It was a really unique experience to be able to buy weed in coffee shops... I really enjoyed the city as well, small but beautiful.

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