Saturday, June 12, 2010


Not only are cameras useful, but their iconography creates great art and useful and fun items! Check out this round up of great camera goodies.
1.) Camera Pouch (Fred Flare, $28 ) This sweet pouch looks like a camera, and holds a camera! Perfect for your small digital cameras. 2.) Antique Brass Camera Necklace (NinexMuse, $14.90) Wear this adorable necklace while snapping photos! 3.) The Case of The Camera (Modcloth, $12.99 ) Well if this pencil pouch isn't adorable I don't know what is. You can even see through the lense, wow! 4.) Wooden Camera Tape Dispenser (Fred Flare, $20 ) I am in love with this, put your washi tape in this sweet dispenser! 5.) The Double Shot Camera (Photojojo, $45 ) Two shots are better than one! 6.) Keep Calm & Snap On Prints (Photojojo, $15 ) Wonderful words of wisdom in a variety of sweet colors.

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